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Baked Goods Power – #8 August 30, 2006

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World’s Most Powerful Women – Brenda Barnes, Chief executive officer, Sara Lee

From several senior directive positions in PepsiCo and Frito-Lay, she is currently the CEO and President of Sara Lee. By report she’s got some incredible production to her, and even went on hiatus in 1998 leaving her position in PepsiCo to spend more time with family, yet returned to corporate power in 2005 to her current position in Sara Lee.

I’ll admit I’m unassuming on anyone involved in making pastries and formerly marketing sodas etc., I appreciate the contribution, sunday morning and saturday night would be nothing without them.


Most Powerful #9 August 30, 2006

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Mentioned in previous post, this lady is nothing short of a power planet on her own. With a net worth of $1 billion, she’s a media force all on her own.

While the beef industry kerfluffle was a bit out of left field in my frame of reference, she commands media and opinions which takes actual and factual doing. I still say her most striking characteristics are augmented by things like the last article I gave on her, but with Oprah’s Angels and everything else there is a bit more to her. While this is a bit more cursory than I’d like, I’ll be filling in the blanks as research continues and keep to facts the best I can.

Most Powerful… August 30, 2006

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That last one got me interested, so here comes the series, to conclude the title.

The world’s most powerful Women.

We’ll start from the bottom and ride it through.

Number ten on the list: Melinda Gates – Gates Foundation/U.S.

Melinda Gates, wife of the Microsoft co-founder billionaire Bill Gates, started the Gates Foundation. The Foundation was established as an endowment to assist the poor and impoverished. The endowment now totaling $28.8 million. She is a former product manager at Microsoft and stood strong on her own prior to marrying Bill Gates with her bachelor in computer science and economics as well as her MBA all from Duke University. Noted as one of the persons of the year in 2005 by Time and also recognized with a “Spanish Nobel” prize – the Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation – on May 4, 2006.

With every other aspect of the foundation neglected, they have appropriated nearly 11 billion dollars in grant to global health, education, global libraries and more. I’ll be looking in to her more to plot her on the map but her foundation is productive by statistics, I say keep going.

The Word of the Oprah August 29, 2006

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If I mention your resturant at say, my staff meeting, will it skyrocket your statistics? Could I, in a breath, 5x your income without changing your business internally at all?

Well that is the word of Oprah. I’m not surprised really, one of the biggest opinion leaders in the country sais a good word about a resteraunt, the resterant should raise in income. But look at some of the specific here, sure it’s a national show and national icon, but it’s A RESTERANT, emphasis on A. The national influx is likely to be very little, I don’t know how many people will fly or drive or anything else from one state to another for a make it yourself burger. Goin from North Carolinna to Santa Monica, California may be fun, but the word of Oprah doesn’t draw me there for a burger.

But this in many ways makes it more impressive. It’s likely no one went to that resterant from farther away than three counties, I’ve gone as far as about 1 1/2 hours for a donut (the west coast Krispy Kreme boom). So that means within the a 300 mile radius people flocked to this one burger stand. That’s 200,000 US Dollars worth of people more flock to a burger stand in Santa Monica due to the word of Oprah.

California counties

I don’t know about you but I’m impressed. More to the point, I’ll be going there next time I’m in Santa Monica or the surrounding 3 counties with a craving to make my own sandwitch.

Ageless book gets new shine August 28, 2006

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Came across the site for the Scientology Handbook website yesterday and it’s been revamped (seems to be in the last 48H).

Banner to the new Scientology Handbook site

This is a great site with lots of valuable data in it. I’ve used several portions of the book personally, first starting with the “Assists for Injury and Illness,” using the Contact Assist, Touch Assist, Nerve Assist, The Body Communication Process and Locational Processing Assist. I have had incredible success with many of them. Many people have seen these used frequently in the news such as at ground zero 9/11, the Katrina Hurricane, earthquake in Java and tsunami in Indeonesia.

A few of my other favorite sections of the book are “Targets and Goals“, “The Dynamics of Exsistence” and “Tools for the Workplace. Each of one of them covering tools for life including the exact technology of making plans and programs that are do-able and exactly how plans and programs are made an actuality. It covers exactly how to handle confusions in the workplace, between not having the know-how of your job and new personnel entering area this can be invaluable in the word-a-day world. But it goes even farther to the fundamentals in everyone with the goal of man.

This book stands out in it’s possibility of application where so many others have fallen short. Instead of the esoteric outlook on life achieved by solitude and thought about thought about thought, the development and use of practical solutions is the definitely nuts and bolts to this book. I suggest checking the book out especially if you’re looking for tools to use in life.

Diskeeper Corporation Leading the Field August 27, 2006

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Diskeeper Corporation, formerly Executive Software Internation Inc., provides the most used disk defragmentation software as well as Undelete 5.0, Sitekeeper 3.5 and I/O Express 4.3 (now that’s industrial strength software).They’re continued expansion and success in the software industry being namely in the realm of auto-defragmentation led them to change their title of Executive Software to Diskeeper Corp. in 2006 with more focused research and development of disk defragmentation for great productivity enhancement through their software.

This company has been ranked on Inc. magazine’s list of the 500 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in America for four years in a row.

The company was founded by Craig Jensen who, as said on the Diskeeper site, has been an avid techie since the late 1960s, but put his name on the map with Diskeeper. He formed Diskeeper in 1981 and attributes it’s success to the L. Ron Hubbard’s Management Technology. Mr. Jensen being a long standing member of the Church of Scientology (see also this) working as a Scientology Volunteer Minister. He also is an active humanitarian working in the field of Human Rights personally and as a supporter of Youth for Human Rights.

This company is examplory in expansion, their headquarters alone being toured by 2,000 people on this basis. I would keep an eye on Diskeeper, they’re only getting bigger.
Additional refs on…
– Diskeeper Blog
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– Human Rights in France
– Freedom Magazine
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– The Scientology Handbook
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– Hubbard College of Administration

Who’s expanding out there? August 25, 2006

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I’ll take up the talk of the town these days, Scientology.

Scientology was founded by writer and philosopher, L. Ron Hubbard. Scientology is a ratified and bonafide religion. Scientology, like many other great religions, through trial and tribulations has been recognized fully as a religion. It is a point these days not under dispute. There are organizations all throughout the planet with more being made all the time. Religious Technology Center (RTC) holds the ultimate ecclesiastical authority regarding the standard and pure application of L. Ron Hubbard’s religious technologies, David Miscavige is Chairman of the Board, the most senior office in RTC.

Take a look at them and they are doing well internationally. A good overview of Scientology you’ll find in the first booklet of a series titled: Scientology Effective Solutions where it gives an entire section answering the question “What is Scientology?” This issue also has information on Scientology efforts in education, drug rehabilitation and criminal reform.

What they can and do do is covered well in theScientology Handbook with sections on stress, assisting others and the fundamentals of communication. It’s uses are spotlighted throughout the site as well as at their Volunteer Ministers.

Their news site, Scientology Today, has thorough coverage from fighting drug addiction to working to disaster relief efforts.

I’ve also found their area specific works from U.K. to France to South Africa.

While the Church of Scientology is also the publisher of Freedom, involved in investigative journalism in the public interest. Most recently covering attrocities under the APA and the Duplessis orphans.

I suggest looking at their technology and different efforts, they are a model of expansion not only as a group proper but as a movement.